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Golden Retriever Lifetime Study Now Open for Enrollment

The Denver-based Morris Animal Foundation, as part of its Canine Lifetime Health Project, has recently launched the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. It's the largest and longest observational study ever attempted to positively impact the health of dogs, and will involve up to 3,000 Goldens for 10 to 14 years.

An observational study is one in which participants are monitored and information is collected on them. The study isn't intended to directly affect how owners take care of their dogs, but instead to provide valuable information on how to better prevent, detect and treat cancer and other diseases.

The study intends to enroll Goldens over the next two years, and track the dogs for their entire lives with input from owners and veterinarians, who will keep records of the dogs' health, nutritional and environmental information.

In order to participate, dogs must be Golden Retrievers with a three-generation pedigree, who are healthy and under the age of 2 at the time the owner submits his or her application.


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